MGL Video

MGL is a video production company based in Vienna. MGL was founded in 2003 and specializes in training videos, image videos, and live streams. MGL has a team for website design, editing, graphic design, and programming. MGL Video has a wide range like

  1. Documentary, tv & news reports concept, book, planning, production, and post-production assignment of personnel/crew casting shooting the whole thing
  2. Creating video content for events production of summing up videos special appearance videos of people who can’t join the event mobile editing with avid media composer file-based delivering
  3. Press conference recording for live streaming or file-based recording filmed with one or more HD camcorders full audio service video live streaming for viewers using a smartphone, tablet, and home computer or point to point
  4. Teleprompter rental and operator services setup on tripod or dolly coaching of the speaker correction, adaptation, and reformating of the text support during the production
  5. Education Video Content Since 2003 he is Self-employed in the field of TV and video production, in the meantime supplementing with the trades of press agencies and rental of movable goods. Handling of live production with our production equipment ( for events, internal communication, B2B, B2C, WebTV,

Three employees in the area of video production.