IO-II: Online Learning Platform

The Online Learning Platform, which is the second intellectual output of the project, was established to provide entrepreneurship training to migrants and refugees. The main objective of the online learning Platform is to provide better employment opportunities and living conditions by providing online training to migrants and refugees.

Course modules have been developed for entrepreneurship education on the online platform, and it is aimed to facilitate the integration of target groups into the labour market in the host countries, ensure social cohesion, and improve their knowledge, skills and capacities by providing training to refugees and migrants who want to establish their own business, start and operate a business.

Course modules have been developed that address the following topics. These modules are translated into Turkish, English, Norwegian, Greek, German, Italian and Arabic.

  • Business Plan
  • Start Up
  • Finance Sources for New Entrepreneurs
  • Promoting and supporting entrepreneurship in Europe
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Marketing

In order to overcome the difficulties identified in the Self Employmen Route Map/Guidebook and to propose solutions, online training will be given to immigrants and refugees who want to start a new business or find a job, to increase their entrepreneurial capacity.