The project consortium participated in the 21st International Business Management Congress, organized by Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University (KSU) between 12-14 May 2022, with an academic study titled The Role and Importance of Education in Increasing the Entrepreneurial Capacity of Refugees and Asylum Seekers.

The research results we presented to the congress, which was held with the participation of respected scientists and business representatives from 28 countries, were accepted by the academic committee of the 21st International Business Management Congress.

Ali KIRAÇ, the project coordinator, made a presentation about the study at the congress and the academicians from different countries were informed about the project objectives and the paper.

Having great efforts in publishing the paper and analyzing its results, Regarding the study, Prof. Dr Emine İkikat TÜMER said, “We hope that this study will make a high-level contribution to the academic community. In addition, we will continue to participate in different congresses based on the findings obtained within the scope of field studies.

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