1. Who are we?


Founded in 2004 in Trikala, Greece, Anaptyxiako Kentro Thessalias AKETH-DCT (Developmental Centre of Thessaly) is a nonprofit organization, accredited by Greek National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance, which operates as continuing vocational education & training (VET) center/provider.

The mission of the organization is aligned with the E.U. strategic framework about fighting the rising levels of unemployment –particularly among young people, by providing certified education & training opportunities, counseling & personal development in order to contribute in their life improving.

AKETH-DCT has a great experience in the field of education, in both E.U. Programmes and National Programmes, Especially in the implementation of EU, AKETH-DCT has built a great agenda in several topics such as: training and recognition policies, ICT development, adult education, schools partnerships, sustainable development, energy, environment etc.

Staff members of the EU dept of AKETH have high educational and academic profile and have been involved in many social and scientific analyses something that is highlighted in their CVs and scientific/research experience.

2. Main activities:

AKETH has three main activities:

A. VET area: is divided in two departments:

(E.U. projects & programmes (EPA)

Sending /Hosting organization, Intermediary organization, Consortium coordinator, Courses provider)

(National project & programmes (NPA)

Certified VET provider / Adult Trainers Examination center / Adult Trainers center by National Organisation (EOPPEP) for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance

Certified ICT examination center by Cambridge- Vellum

Certified Training & Exam center for the rational use of agricultural medicines by Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food)

B. Consultancy services (CSSA) is divided in:

Administration services – SMEs Counseling / Career Development

C. AKETH lab (LABA): comprises three Depts:

Development & Design / Customization / Supporting on management apps/tools, e-learning and WEB-2 apps/tools, robotic

3. Experiences and related to project topic.

The Developmental Center of Thessaly (AKETH-DCT) is operating as a training center with two distinct certified training structures. The first structure provides Initial VET and the second one provides Continuous Vocational Training (CVET). The AKETH-DCT has the legal right, by the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance, to create and submit projects of professional profiles as a post-secondary education and training institution. This means that the AKETH-DCT, (officially and certified) has the necessary know-how and experience to create SLPs (Short Learning Paths) leading to the certification of professional qualifications. In addition, the AKETH-DCT has acquired important experience in developing and implementing credit arrangements through its participation in two innovation-related KA2 Erasmus+ projects that were related to the creation of professional profiles for nursing assistants and technical assistants of event managers. These two projects followed the methodology proposed by ECVET and created short learning paths with corresponding credits that led to the evaluation and certification of the above-mentioned professional qualifications.

The AKETH-DCT was also the first VET provider from Greece to serve as an applicant for KA2- Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices in the first year of the Erasmus + program. The project, which lasted 3 years, concerned the entrepreneurship of graduates, mainly those from vocational high schools, by providing an e-learning platform for prospective entrepreneurs, which was created by the consortium under the instruction of AKETH-DCT. Therefore, the AKETH-DCT has the managerial capacity to contribute to the implementation of the proposed project by participating in all aspects of project management or Intellectual Outputs management.

AKETHLab is a structural element of the AKETH-DCT as a training provider that has the expertise to develop and provide training to trainers and students on both designing and programming along with automation due to the specialties of its members (Engineers, Architects, Informatics). The network of partner organizations can also offer opportunities for job shadowing and internship in industrial design and production.

AKETH-DCT, as an examination center for VET instructors and students, can implement monitoring and evaluation systems for both activities and participants to document the effectiveness of activities and the progress of learners.

4. Contact and address:

Contact: Anaptyxiako Kentro Thessalias. Fournonission 4. 42100 Trikala, GREECE

Telephone: +30 2431 200 250

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6. Social media accounts:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DCT.AKETH/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/akethlab

Twitter: twitter.com/aketh_dct